Backup Internet Connectivity for Office , Retail and Remote Workers

1Wire offers an unbreakable tether to the cloud with Backup Internet Connectivity 

How does Backup Internet Connectivity work?

Todays businesses are increasing their reliance on the cloud.  From accepting cashless payments to video and voice communications, an Internet outage could spell disaster.

1Wire prevents outages through strategically combining multiple Internet connections from different networks or carriers. Our technology recognizes network outages and re-routes traffic instantly to back-up or standby connections, avoiding network disruptions to keep your business connected.

Backup Internet with Same-IP Failover

1Wire Backup Internet service will assign a static public IP Address to your business. By doing this, we encapsulate each Internet connection in a tunnel and route traffic between Internet connections without making IP changes.

Why does this matter? If one of your Internet connections suddenly experiences an outage, traffic continues over another Internet connection without changing your IP address. Your VPN, remote desktop session, SSH session, VoIP call, Web Presentation, and every other session persistent application remains connected.

Standby 3G, 4G, LTE and 5G Backup Internet Connections

Add cellular connectivity in standby mode with a primary wireline Internet connection. If you experiences an outage to your wireline connection, seamlessly connect to a cellular connection.

Once the primary wireline connection becomes active, your cellular backup reverts back to standby. 

Say goodbye to downtime

Available Nationwide

Starting at $99.99/month

Bonded Internet Connections

Scale bandwidth by combining Internet connections to increase speeds and reliability.

Quality of Service

Crystal clear cloud phone and video conferencing by prioritizing critical applications over the Internet.

Software Defined Wide Area Networks and Branch (SD-WAN and SD-Branch)

Your next generation solution has arrived

Wide Area Networks (WAN) have grown and matured over time with so much complexity and custom features. Management and deployment of WAN’s can be complicated and expensive.  1Wire has addressed this by simplifying WAN’s and deploying Software defined WANs and Branches. All the bells and whistles of complex WAN setups can now be deployed remotely across your network. 1Wire can apply the same features of SD-WAN to single locations as well called SD-Branch.

SD-WAN DetailsSD-BRANCH Details

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