Call Reporting

1Wire offers your business the ultimate in Hosted PBX Call  Reporting. Get complete visibility into each and every call that happens in your organization. Full call recording and storage is also available with Live Call access.

The power of simple, intuitive dashboards for Real-Time insights

Outbound Calls

Understand at a glance just how many calls your team has made with this real time tool that also provides insight into the average call durations, abandoned call, and more. Complete with clickable links to access specific calls if desired.

Inbound Calls

Quickly understad how many calls your organization has received with real-time accuracy. This feature can seperate calls that come to the administrative side of the business to preserve your call center metrics.

Call Management

By easily viewing your real-time call volume you can have a much better understanding of what your employees are doing on the phone throughout the day.

The power of simple, intuitive dashboards for Real-Time insights

Gain a comprehensive overview of your contact center activity with real-time dashboards and live data.

Visual and audible alerts when configurable thresholds are hit.

Total Calls Received

Quickly and easily see how many calls have been received by your call center team along with which group in the call center has received them.

Abandoned Calls

When and if call volumes spike, this feature gives real-time access and visibility to all abandoned calls and time tracking of when the calls are abandoned. Clickable link to see call by call information.

Time Management

This feature helps you identify call volume by hour for both received calls and abandoned calls together to aid in staffing decisions more efficiently.

Boost performance with actionable analytics that ensures consistent customer engagement.

User and group performance

Call center managers generally have multiple groups or departments they are responsible for. This report gives a real-time view for each group complete with total agents that are logged in, on active calls, and how many calls are waiting to be answered.

Insights with Analytics

Just like with customer satisfaction metrics, there is plenty of data for managers to absorb and process in order to improve agent performance.

Real-time Access

Having access to real-time data is invaluable to call center managers.  Quickly identifying gaps in available agents along with an understanding of calls waiting to be answered allows for quicker response time for customers.

Give your supervisors the tools they need to pinpoint and troubleshoot problem areas quickly with our contact center dashboard.


Access total agents available along with how many are logged in to better manage your group. Gain quick access to call statistics to see how many calls this group has answered throughout the day. Abandoned call totals along with the average abandon time are also listed.

Management View

Real-time access to information to compare statistical data points for a better management experience.

Listen in - Whisper

This feature allows you to click on the Action button to access to live calls currently under way. Action button allows for access to any of the calls currently underway. The clickable link enabes either the Listen in, Whisper or Barge feature.

Hosted PBX

1Wire hosted PBX phone system can reduce your monthly phone bill tremendously compared to a traditional business phone system. Get ready for more features and savings.

SIP Trunks

SIP trunking is similar to traditional phone lines but routed through the Internet with far more features and flexibility. SIP service is significantly less expensive – sometimes as much as 60-80% less.

Quality of Service (QoS)

With 1Wire, businesses are no longer required to pay heavy premiums for QoS – our system will manage the flow of traffic between sites so that your calls and video conferences remain crisp and clean.

We can provide you with cutting edge networking and hardware featuring the latest equipment and hardware by YEALINK, SNOM, POLYCOM and MICROTIK

The right solution for your business

We are revolutionizing the way business communications are made across phone, internet, and cloud services. Your business solutions are waiting for you.

Small Business

Managed Voice | Business Internet | SD-WAN

Less than 15 employees with no dedicated IT department. Option to add Managed Solutions to help keep business running smoothly.

Medium Business

IP Phones | SD-WAN | MPLS (IP VPN)
Big reliance on SaaS and cloud computing, creating a lot of network strain and the need for high-speed symmetrical solutions.

Enterprise Business

IP Phones | SD-WAN | Fiber | IP VPN
Multiple branch offices, remote users, and a large network. All staff, regardless of location need high-speed and secure connections.

Software Defined Wide Area Networks and Branch (SD-WAN and SD-Branch)

Your next generation solution has arrived

Wide Area Networks (WAN) have grown and matured over time with so much complexity and custom features. Management and deployment of WAN's can be complicated and expensive.  1Wire has addressed this by simplifying WAN’s and deploying Software defined WANs and Branches. All the bells and whistles of complex WAN setups can now be deployed remotely across your network. 1Wire can apply the same features of SD-WAN to single locations as well called SD-Branch.

SD-WAN DetailsSD-BRANCH Details

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