Credit Card Authorization Agreement

By entering your information below, Customer consents to and grants 1Wire Fiber LLC authority to charge Customers below referenced major credit card for amounts owed to 1Wire. Customer represents and warrants that the Major Credit Card information below is accurate and complete. 1Wire Fiber LLC will make automatic withdrawals for each invoice to Customer on the due dates thereof. If there are any changes to the major credit card account it is the Customers sole responsibility to promptly notify 1Wire Fiber LLC of the new card information and deliver any additional consent to automatic withdrawal as requested by 1Wire Fiber LLC or required by 1Wire’s bank. Failure to maintain an active major credit card account for such automatic withdrawals will constitute a material breach of this Agreement and the underlying service agreement between Customer and 1Wire. If such event occurs, 1Wire Fiber LLC may at its discretion interrupt service to Customer until Customer arranges substitute payment terms satisfactory to 1Wire Fiber LLC. 1Wire Fiber LLC agrees not to disclose Customer’s credit card information to any third party, except as required by law. 1Wire Fiber LLC agrees to notify customer of automatic withdrawal transactions.
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