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Integrating Hubspot CRM click to call with our popular VoIP platform

Start making and tracking calls from your CRM today!

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Click to call for Hubspot CRM and VoIP

1Wire offers customers the ability to use Hubspot CRM click to call. A feature that enables Hubspot CRM users, the ability to make VoIP calls right from their browsers. By using a browser add-on, users can sync their 1Wire VoIP system with Hubspot CRM and start making calls by clicking phone numbers.

  • Click a phone number in Hubspot CRM to dial.
  • Answer incoming calls prompt showing your caller ID data pulled from Hubspot CRM.
  • schedule activities and make notes about a call without having to search for a client or opening new browser tabs.


hubspot crm

How do I setup click to call with Hubspot CRM and VoIP?

To setup click to call for Hubspot CRM, 1Wire will provide you with an add-on to install on your favorite internet browser. When connected, 1Wire Unified Communications Softphone will sync with Hubspot, enabling all phone numbers displayed in the CRM to become active links. Once clicked, phone numbers automatically dial numbers right from your browser.

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More than just Hubspot CRM Integrations

1Wire unified communications offers your company the ability to manage and control every aspect of your company communications. Chat, Text, Call and Video conference from any device with staff or clients to streamline communications, all in one system. By syncing your Hubspot CRM, you have multiple points of contact and tracking at your convenience.

1Wire UCaaS devices

One-Click Scheduling

Meet instantly or plan ahead and seamlessly works with Calendar iCS, Outlook and Google Calendar.

Active Speaker Detection

Highlights participant when they are speaking for enhanced video conferencing.

Chat & File Sharing

Streamline collaboration with fully integrated persistent messaging, private and group chat, and file sharing.

Real Time Collaboration

Whether its One-click Screen share or sharing an application from a local drive.
hubspot crm

Call Logging for VoIP

Track and log your calls automatically with Hubspot CRM.

Click to Call for VoIP

Turn your Hubspot CRM contact phone numbers into hyper links. Click numbers and dial, right from your browser.

Screen Pop for VoIP

Track and log your calls automatically with Hubspot CRM.