Medium Business Solutions

15 to 50 employees

1Wire offers your medium sized business amazing features, great quality, and lower cost on phones and Internet.

1Wire offers products, solutions and features that are perfect for medium sized businesses. Designed to enhance your voice service functionality and add consistency and redundancy to your Internet. 1Wire is your backbone to vital day to day operations.

Hosted Voice

Affordable phone service that allows you to manage calls effectively, record calls on demand, and get voicemai to email. Also includes automatic call distribution, disaster recovery, auto attendant and more!

Business Internet

Enjoy affordable Internet plans featuring DSL, Cable and Fiber Internet (featuring UTOPIA). Reach the cloud with reliable connectivity.


Enhance your business

Like what you have but want to improve aspects of your voice or Internet?  Our services are flexible and allow you to add or reduce phone lines or bandwidth on your existing network.

Your next phone provider

1Wire is dedicated to making your business voice easy to manage with reliable connectivity and priority routing.

1Wire hosted voice for best quality and reliability

1Wire Hosted voice is dedicated to quality assurance, scalability, easy deployment, and streamlined management. Our network provides full control of every aspect of your phone system and requires little technical ability or time to manage.

Get all the features

Hosted Voice (little tech ability or time to manage)

  • Auto Attendant
  • System hours (performs different functions at different times)
  • Voicemail to email
  • Cell phone integration
  • Hunt groups / Agent groups (track able system of stacking calls and answering in order they are received)

  • Multi-location call handling and sharing (when applicable)
  • Reporting – What number was dialed? Who called in? When they called and why?
  • Recording – (generally this is call center specific. Even if the call center is just for a small customer care group within a larger organization)
  • Click to call – Google Chrome feature we install to enable click to call on any 10 digit number)

Add QoS and Failover for quality and reliability

Set up your phones with 1Wire

We can provide you with cutting edge networking and hardware featuring the latest equipment and hardware by YEALINK, SNOM, POLYCOM and MICROTIK

Your next business Internet provider

1Wire is dedicated to making your business Internet fast and reliable. Our unique solutions do more than just provide you with Internet.

Why 1Wire Internet is right for your business

1Wire’s unique Internet solutions are tailored to your business needs. We offer multiple DSL, Cable and Fiber (featuring UTOPIA) connections at the speed your business requires.

Under contract or simply need more bandwidth? We have bonded bandwidth solutions that let you combine Internet connection with our Fiber, or to other carriers.

UTOPIA Fiber Internet Options

*20Mbps to 1Gbps Options

*Utopia offers symmetrical fiber connectivity for speeds from 20 Meg to 1 Gig all along the Wasatch Front. Because of 1Wire’s unique relationship with Utopia we can offer aggressive pricing for bandwidth.

Bonded Bandwidth

1Wire lets you add our Fiber options to your existing Internet or you can mix and combine Internet connections from any carrier.

Quality of Service(QoS)

Tunnel voice or ciritcal apps through dedicated bandwith along side other traffic.


Combine multiple Internet connections from any carrier and failover automatically should one fail. Traffic will continue to flow with no packet loss. 

Transfer Data with 1Wire Internet solutions

Your next Voice and Data provider

1Wire is dedicated to making your business run smoothly. We offer a full suite of voice and data services designed for any type and size of business.

Why 1Wire is right for your business

1Wire offers your business a true one stop shop for all your business communications. We tailor our service based on your unique needs and provide you with everything needed to get up and running. No need to deal with multiple carriers and invoices, 1Wire handles every detail and sends you a single invoice. Should there be any issues, 1Wire support is quick to address and solve them right away.


Fully Managed Voice

  • Hosted PBX
  • Sip Trunks
  • Management Portal
  • Voicemail
  • Call Reporting
  • Phone Hardware
  • And more

Business Internet

Fully Managed Internet

  • Utopia Fiber Provider
  • Bonded Bandwidth
  • QoS
  • Failover
  • Modems/Routers
  • Custom Networking
  • And more

Run your business with 1Wire communications

Software Defined Wide Area Networks and Branch (SD-WAN and SD-Branch)

Your next generation solution has arrived

Wide Area Networks (WAN) have grown and matured over time with so much complexity and custom features. Management and deployment of WAN's can be complicated and expensive.  1Wire has addressed this by simplifying WAN’s and deploying Software defined WANs and Branches. All the bells and whistles of complex WAN setups can now be deployed remotely across your network. 1Wire can apply the same features of SD-WAN to single locations as well called SD-Branch.

SD-WAN DetailsSD-BRANCH Details