REDTAIL CRM and 1Wire Integration: Enable more productivity and faster close rates.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) by REDTAIL is a vital tool for financial businesses to keep track of their interactions with clients. REDTAIL is great out of the box, but it lacks the ability to make calls and receive calls and that is where 1Wire comes into to play. By integrating 1Wire cloud phones/VoIP with REDTAIL you can exchange data between the two platforms seamlessly and always track your activities with little to no manual input required.

1Wire Cloud Phones

Making calls from REDTAIL CRM

REDTAIL CRM allows businesses to track leads, deals and products sold conveniently from your web browser.  1Wire wants to increase your productivity by integrating our cloud phones with your REDTAIL CRM. Enable our plugin feature called Click-to-call, to display all phone numbers in Redtail as clickable links. If you click on phone links, 1Wires integration plugin will dial the chosen number and log your call automatically.

REDTAIL CRM click to call

Receive and log calls with REDTAIL CRM

Imagine you’re at your desk when your cell or desk phone starts to ring. Before you can reach for your phone, you notice a prompt on your desktop computer asking to answer a call from John Williams, a prospect you have been working with regarding a financial investment. You answer the call on your desktop and REDTAIL opens to reveal Johns details while creating a record of the call and duration right away. John is providing you with new information needed to move forward on an investment and conveniently, your able to update details right away in Redtail. This feature is called Call Logging and available through 1Wire’s integration App.

With the 1Wire Screen Pop plugin, receive calls and eliminate the use of multiple devices for calling and note taking. Do everything right from your computer, save time and stay informed with valuable information to help close deals faster.

REDTAIL CRM screen pop
1Wire Cloud Phones and REDTAIL CRM

1Wire Cloud Phones with Redtail CRM benefits

  1. Real-Time Calling Data

Instead of having to manually type in notes from every call and record information such as the time of the call or phone number, REDTAIL CRM integrations take care of all the logging in real-time.

  1. Better Customer Experience

REDTAIL CRM integrations allow sales and support agents to anticipate a customer’s needs in real-time. Automatically load incoming caller’s profile or creates a new support ticket with information about the caller.

  1. Closed Loop Analytics

Access to REDTAIL CRM reports and sales funnel data helps marketing departments better assist sales agents in lead capture and conversion all from your desktop.

  1. Increased Efficiency and productivity

REDTAIL CRM integrations increase efficiency by eliminating the grunt work of looking up, and entering in, customer information. Bypass the menial work of searching for a customer contact page, asking about prior interactions, and finding old tickets.

  1. Improved Management

1Wire cloud phone/VoIP REDTAIL CRM integrations provide managers key metrics on each individual agent, such as the number of calls taken per day, the number of callers hang ups, the average call time, the average wait times and more. Access to all aspects of your cloud phone system remotely from any device.

1Wire and REDTAIL CRM will make you money

As communications move to the cloud, having a phone system that follows you around is key to productivity and cost savings. 1Wire has reimaged the business phone by moving it to the cloud. This allows for integrations with CRMS such as REDTAIL and legacy office phone systems.

So, how does 1Wire make you money? First, 1Wire reduces overhead costs with a phone system you can access from anywhere on multiple devices. No need to invest in new hardware, use what you and your employees own already. Second, Cloud/VoIP phones are inexpensive and incredibly robust and easy to manage remotely. And third, productivity through integrations with REDTAIL will help close leads faster, be more responsive to client needs and invoice faster. 

To sum it up, save money, be more productive, and close sales faster.

Start making and tracking calls from your CRM today!

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