Salesforce Integration with Cloud Phones, a must have for any business

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Salesforce Integration with Cloud Phones

Salesforce is the world’s most popular CRM, and it’s one of the finest methods to keep track of your customer data. What if you included data from each phone call and text message into your Salesforce system?
Your firm will notice enhanced order processing, customer happiness, staff productivity, and more effective business operations by connecting your phone system with Salesforce.

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Benefits of a Salesforce Integration with Cloud Phone Systems

Salesforce offers computer telephony integration (CTI), and when your phone system is linked to Salesforce, you may enjoy the following advantages:
Increased revenue: By allowing you to access and use your data more effectively, integrating your phone system data into Salesforce may help you increase sales. Following integration, one eCommerce business reported the following startling results:

  • There was a 520 percent rise in the average number of calls.
  • The number of completed deals climbed by 227 percent.

Time Savings: Integration allows many phone processes to be automated, reducing call handling time. Rather than logging call activity manually, technology can automate the process and allow you to make calls with a single click.

There’s no need to be concerned if a member of your team conducted a sales call without reporting it into the system. Users on your team can see automated call records in real time, which helps employees work more effectively and track calls more simply.

Better Customer Service: With screen pops that quickly reveal inbound caller information so agents can troubleshoot and process orders faster, technology may provide a more customized customer experience.

Data Accuracy: System integration eliminates the possibility of human mistake. The call facts put into Salesforce are correct, according to sales managers, call center personnel, and managers.

Improved Employee Satisfaction: By relieving your team of tedious data input, they’ll be more productive, content with their work, and focused on achieving their objectives and duties.

Salesforce Integration with Cloud Phones

How to integrate Salesforce with a cloud phone system.

There are two logistical elements to attaining the sort of integration that works best for your business’s needs when combining your phone and contact center systems with Salesforce data.

You’ll need to think about the following in Salesforce:

  • The information you wish to preserve in Salesforce is as follows: This contains the phone activity you’d like to track as well as where you’d like to track it in Salesforce. For example, you may be tracking which user made a call, the timing of the call, the length of the call, a sentiment analysis, and a stored call recording.
  • Added functionality based on Salesforce data: This is an action-oriented concept in which data is used rather than saved. You may, for example, have an informational screen come up on your records with important client information. You might also use click-to-call technologies to make outbound calls as simple and quick as possible.

When looking for a cloud-based phone service to integrate with Salesforce, seek for one that offers:

  • Maximum voice quality and reliability: If your phone system doesn’t deliver outstanding connectivity and dependable data, your Salesforce integration will be useless. Maximum uptime and voice quality are ensured by a powerful telephone network with internationally scattered data centers. This will enable you to provide exceptional call quality to divergent and distant workers via their mobile or desktop apps or pre-configured IP phones.

  • Call centers and customer support teams can use the following tools: When done at scale, Salesforce integration may be quite beneficial. Features that decrease friction can be found in phone systems that support a contact center, a remote workforce of agents, or customer service reps. Skills-based call routing, which intelligently matches callers with qualified agents, infinite queues, ring groups, and intelligent reconnect, which promptly reconnects a dropped call with the previous agent, are examples of this.
Call center Salesforce Integration with Cloud Phones

Best Cloud Phone and Unified Communications Systems for Salesforce

Use the checklist below to assess providers when choosing a Cloud Phone or UCaaS (unified communications as a service) solution for Salesforce:

Do you have any business-class features?

  • Using intelligent phone technologies might provide your company a competitive advantage. Consider the degree of service you can give when calls are intelligently routed and client contact information for each incoming call is automatically shown. Reps and agents may see current account activity, such as their most recent orders, as well as personal notes that a salesperson might wish to refer to, such as a customer’s upcoming birthday or a favorite sports team.

Is it robust and customizable?

  • Instead of being compelled to employ restricted “off-the-shelf” integration solutions, your Cloud Phone or UCaaS integration should perform how you need it to, custom-fit to your company needs.

Is there real-time reporting?

  • Growth, team member success, and customer experience are all aided by analytics. You’ll need sophisticated business intelligence tools that give real-time information whenever you need it.

Is it equipped with the essential capabilities you require?

  • Consider a company’s voice quality, dependability, convenience of use, and features like as call recorders, drag-and-drop automatic call routing, call history, and UCaaS, which combines voice, SMS, and video.

Is there highly rated, reliable support?

  • Problems and delays might reduce your return on investment. When you need support, the top VoIP and UCaaS providers won’t give you the runaround. Look for a company that provides consistently high-quality service from the start and provides that level of support to assist you adapt and tailor your system to improve the user and customer experience over time.

Is it scalable, adaptable, and international?

  • Look for a provider (1wire for example) that employs cutting-edge, flexible technology that will grow with your organization and your needs. Make sure it can meet your demands in five, ten, or twenty years. Consider whether you want to grow into new regions and markets, completely integrate remote workers, expand your supply chain ecosystem, or build a call center in another country. Choose a provider with the infrastructure and flexibility to fulfil your current and future requirements.

Conclusion – 1Wire Salesforce Integrations, reduce costs, increase productivity and grow with your business.

Comparing UCaaS and VoIP providers to decide on for your business is a difficult undertaking. 1Wire makes this easy by providing you with tailor made communications systems that fit any sized business.  Contact us to get started today. 

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