Small Business Solutions

1 to 15 employees

1Wire offers your small business amazing features, great quality, and lower cost on phones and Internet.

Small Businesses solutions tailored for your business.

From retail to small offices, 1Wire provides your small business with phone, video and internet offerings that are cutting edge and cost effective.

Simplify your business operations with the same tools designed for enterprise companies.

Remote and home office solutions

Communicate the way you want to.

Consolidate your small business communications and be more productive.

With so many ways to send an email or chat with teams, 1Wire consolidates everything to a central cloud based system.

Login to a single cloud app from any device and make calls, chat with employees, text with clients and more.

Keep it simple by unifying your communications and save money in the process.

Remote and home office solutions

Cloud Phone – the phone you can access from anywhere.

No need for traditional phones. A cloud phone offers all the perks of traditional business phones with more features and accessibility.

Cloud phones provide your business with the freedom to take your office to the cloud, be more productive and save you money.  Answer or make calls on your laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone. Access call logs, setup voicemails, ring multiple devices and more. 

Remote and home office solutions

Integrate your Cloud Phone with your favorite CRM

Video Conferencing – part of your consolidated communications

Start face-to-face calls with your teams/clients from anywhere on any device with a Mic and Camera. 1Wire Unified communications offering includes video conferencing.

No need for participants to download software or register accounts. Simply click to join in the video conference.


Features include:

  • Recording
  • Assign User Roles
  • Identity & Access Control
  • Integration with GMAIL & Office 365
  • Single sign on
  • Two Factor Authentication

Small Business Internet provider

1Wire is dedicated to making your business Internet fast and reliable. 

Asymmetrical / Symmetrical for Business 

*30 Mbps

*50 Mbps

*100 Mbps


Get your first month of Internet free when ordering voice service.

1Wire small business Internet brings speed and reliability to your business.

1Wire small business Internet solutions offer Fiber connectivity with Service Level Agreements (SLA’s)

Make your Internet even better.

Our Unified Communications offering requires connectivity to the cloud. If this is a problem, we have a solution.

Backup your Internet with 3G, 4G, LTE or 5G connectivity.

Backup your internet with a cellular link ready to kick in the moment your main Internet line drops. 

Try our Backup Internet service and say good bye to downtime.

Remote and home office solutions

Bonded Internet Connections – More Bandwidth.

1Wire offers the ability to combine available Internet connectivity from multiple carriers and deliver their combined upload and download speeds. Ideal for businesses in underserved and rural areas.

Combine any broadband type such as Cable + xDSL + LTE = Full Sum Aggregation of Download and Upload

Remote and home office solutions

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