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Woodland Hills Utopia Fiber

We came to them from Xfinity during a relocation. Very quick in assessing our needs and providing solutions. 24/7 technical support that’s local and responsive!

Savor the Sweetness of Seamless Connectivity with 1Wire.

With 1Wire’s suite of comprehensive telecom solutions, your business communication can do more while reducing costs. With boundless collaborative possibilities and unyielding connectivity, fosters growth with 1Wire at your side.

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Voice With Some Unified Communications On-top

Discover the sweet symphony of seamless interaction with 1Wire’s Voice and Unified Communications platform. Our UCaaS is a delightful blend of high-quality voice, video, and messaging services that ensure your team can converse, collaborate, and connect effortlessly. Like a well-baked cookie, our unified platform brings a comforting coherence to your business communications, making distant teams feel like they’re sitting across the same table. Delight in the clarity, indulge in the connectivity, and let 1Wire sprinkle a little sweetness over your daily interactions.

Enjoy Some Healthy Fiber Internet

Satisfy your business’s craving for speed with 1Wire’s Fiber Internet, powered by the esteemed Utopia Fiber. Our high-speed fiber connectivity is the sugar rush your data needs, ensuring instant access to online resources and buttery smooth browsing experiences. As we weave the fiber magic across various cities in Utah, we promise a digital journey as delightful as a bite into a soft, chewy cookie. With 1Wire’s Fiber Internet, your business is set to glide over the internet highway with a sweet, swift pace.

Decadent Data Lines: Sweet On-Site Cabling

Let 1Wire sweeten your network infrastructure with our On-Site Network Cabling Services. Our skilled technicians serve as your diligent pastry chefs, meticulously crafting a well-organized, reliable cabling system that’s the secret ingredient for your business’s robust connectivity. From planning to installation, we knead the complexities into a simplified, scalable network infrastructure that caters to your data, voice, and video communication needs. Bite into a future of hassle-free connectivity and let 1Wire’s network cabling services be the cherry on top of your business operations.

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What our customers say about our services.

Jason Sainsbury

5 star rating!

1Wire Fiber is an amazing company! If you are looking for VOIP services for your building(s), look no further! Take my advice and you won’t look further. They get the job done the right way and have an amazing crew to back it up.

Joseph Malmgren

5 star rating!

I have been using 1Wire for my phones and fax for 2 years now in my busy pharmacy (Birch Family Pharmacy) and am so glad I switched to them. They have been so responsive and helpful when I have had questions or issues. I have had such a positive experience with them and would highly recommend!

Rich Davis

5 star rating!

1Wire has been a gem of a VOIP provider for my small business of 10-14 employees. I have been with them for nearly 8 years. From their onboarding to ongoing service team, they are the best. So quick and helpful.

Bryce Heinz

5 star rating!

Our company has been using 1 wire for over 5 years. They have been nothing short of amazing. They have always been great to work with. They have helped us learn the ins and outs of their systems which has taken them a lot of time and energy to do. They have always been super responsive with any issues that we have ran into. I would recommend them to anyone. 1 Wire is top notch! They are an awesome company to work with!

Suzanne Dalebout

5 star rating!

1Wire have been absolutely remarkable in every aspect from the very first phone call I made to Adam. We have experienced intermittent, and endless phone problems for the past few years. No-one knew what was causing these issues or how they could be resolved. As a large law firm with 4 offices and 80+ employees this was unacceptable and incredibly frustrating. Switching to 1Wire was the best decision we could have made. They listened to every single one of our concerns, addressed them, and then went on to remedy every single one of them. Quickly and professionally! Their customer service and their ongoing support is outstanding and my only regret is that we didn’t work with 1Wire sooner than we did. I do not hesitate to recommend 1Wire and their amazing team.

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Indulge your business with 1Wire’s buffet of telecom delicacies! From velvety voice communications to sugary smooth internet, our services are the cherry on top of your operational excellence. And remember, a sweet treat awaits you when you schedule a meeting.

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