Video Conferencing

Meetings & Collaboration

Enterprise-grade High-Definition Video Conferencing that makes it easy to start, join and collaborate.

Allows your teams to work how they want from anywhere!

No matter where your teams are located, unified communications and collaboration are a must-have to support internal and external communications, training, and webinars. 1Wire enables your teams to meet and collaborate with ease and securely with our Video Conferencing solution.

Same-Room Feeling

Deliver that same-room feeling with no application downloads required.

Reports & Analytics

Individual detailed and Aggregate meeting & usage reports.


Host Controls

Control the meeting completely with a range of useful host controls that allow hosts to manage attendees and meeting features.

Video Collaboration Security at the Core

Our security best practices is of paramount importance. 1Wire has taken to harden Security for our video collaboration solution by intrucing security best practices.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

1Wire supports customers to integrate their company’s identity using Office 365 & G Suite single sign-on (SSO) when they login. SSO provides effective access control while simplifying the login process and reducing risk of password fatigue.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

1Wire adds an extra layer of security with use of MFA by demanding an additional verification that the user must possess, in addition to the password. This greatly reduces the risk of unauthorized access if a user’s password is compromised.

Application Access

Given the industry news of video collaboration security hacks, 1Wire has taken the additional steps of adding FIVE more optional layers of access control to reduce security vulnerability.


1Wire video recordings let you capture and playback your meetings. All recording are transfered to your company storage for full control over storage. 

Collaboration is Evolving the Workforce

Our user-friendly and reliable platform provides extreme flexibility so you can customize how to meet your customers and teams. With our collaboration tools your teams can work how they want, from anywhere, and on any device. While cloud storage, reporting, and analytics keep your customers organized and efficient.

One-Click Scheduling

Meet instantly or plan ahead and seamlessly works with Calendar iCS, Outlook and Google Calendar.

Active Speaker Detection

Highlights participant when they are speaking for enhanced video conferencing.

Chat & File Sharing

Streamline collaboration with fully integrated persistent messaging, private and group chat, and file sharing.

Real Time Collaboration

Whether its One-click Screen share or sharing an application from a local drive.

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