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Fiber optics gives you greater speed, clearer video and VoIP calls without lag.


Utopia Fiber Business Internet

1Wire is dedicated to making your business Internet fast and reliable. 

Small Buisness Plans: 200 Gbps of throughput metered service

30 Mbps


50 Mbps


100 Mbps


Unlimited Plans

20 Mbps


50 Mbps


100 Mbps


200 Mbps


500 Mbps


1 Gbps


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All Utopia Fiber speeds are symetrical meaning that download and upload are the same speed. Inquire about availability in your area.

1Wire business Internet solutions are dedicated to high speeds, great quality, scalability and reliability

Working with any sized businesses, 1Wire creates custom solutions to meet all of your needs. We offer a wide variety of Internet services that will take your business to the next level.


Connectivity options ranging from 30 Mbps to
1 Gbps on the Utopia Fiber Network

24/7 Support

24/7 local technical support


Never worry about outgrowing your Internet access requirements

Guaranteed Network Availability

Vendor redundant “network of networks” for 99.999% uptime guarantee available

1Wire scales and improves Internet connectivity

Bonded Bandwidth for Your Applications

Scale bandwidth with 1Wire bonded bandwidth. Combine our Internet connectivity options or mix them with any carriers FWA, DSLs, Cable fiber LTE etc. By combining your connections you introduce the sum-total aggregation of upload and download in both directions to your network. You can now have all the bandwidth you need and expand as you need too.

1Wire Quality of Service(QoS) for any Application

1Wire’s QoS determines the performance of your link or combined links to carve out a reliable pipe. Assign unlimited priority layers withing your pipe for your critical applications free from any disturbances like jitter and latency.

Failover – No more downtime

1Wire provides Internet Failover Service (IFS). This unique service allows any business to combine multiple internet connections from any carrier(s) to create reliable internet connectivity. If one Internet connection suddenly goes offline, traffic will continue to flow to its destination and no data will be lost.

Planning on moving to a new office location?

Before settling into your new location, our technicians will lay out your network ahead of time, allowing for instant network access the day you settle in. 

Let 1Wire provide your business with the perfect Internet and business networking solutions