When to Consider Bonded Broadband Service for Your Business

Bonded Internet Connections

How important is a reliable and fast internet connection for a business? From accepting payments, making calls, and connecting to cloud services, a reliable internet connection is crucial for businesses of all sizes. Unfortunately, many businesses located in underserved areas struggle with inadequate internet options, leading to frequent disruptions and slow speeds. This is where Bonded Broadband Service comes into play, offering a robust solution to these connectivity challenges.

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What is Bonded Broadband Service?

Bonded Broadband Service, also known as Bonded Internet, aggregates multiple broadband connections into a single, high-speed link. This technology is particularly beneficial for businesses in areas with limited internet infrastructure, providing the necessary bandwidth to support their operations seamlessly. 

Bonded Broadband Service Market Business Insights lists a handful of providers able to offer this service and 1Wire is one of them.

Bonded Broadband

When Should You Consider Bonded Broadband Service?

Businesses should consider Bonded Broadband Service if they:

  • Experience frequent internet outages or slow speeds.
  • Are located in remote or underserved areas with limited internet options.
  • Require a reliable and high-speed connection for daily operations.
  • Need a failover solution to ensure continuous connectivity.
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Why is Bonded Broadband Service Important?

Bonded Internet Service is essential for businesses because it:

  1. Enhances Reliability: By combining multiple connections, it reduces the risk of downtime. If one link fails, the service continues without interruption.
  2. Increases Speed: Aggregating bandwidth from multiple sources boosts overall internet speed, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.
  3. Improves Stability: It balances the load across connections, maintaining a stable and consistent internet performance.

Load Balancing vs. Aggregated Broadband

There are two primary methods of Bonded Broadband Service: Load Balancing and Aggregated Broadband.

  • Load Balancing: Distributes internet traffic across multiple connections, ensuring that no single connection is overloaded. However, it does not combine the bandwidth of all connections, limiting the total speed.
  • Aggregated Broadband: Combines the bandwidth of multiple connections into a single, high-speed link. This method offers higher speeds and better reliability, as it can handle more data and provides seamless failover in case of a connection drop.
Aggregated Bonded Broadband Service

Why Aggregated Broadband is Better

Aggregated Broadband is superior to Load Balancing because it offers:

  • Higher Speeds: By merging the bandwidth of several connections, it delivers faster internet speeds.
  • Seamless Failover: In the event of a connection failure, the service automatically switches to the remaining connection(s) without any disruption resulting in backup Internet connectivity.
  • Improved Performance: Aggregated Broadband provides a more consistent and reliable internet experience, crucial for businesses that rely on uninterrupted connectivity.
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1Wire’s Bonded Internet is The Ultimate Solution for Your Business

At 1Wire, we offer Bonded Internet with advanced aggregation technology and failover features. Our service ensures that your business stays connected with high-speed, reliable internet, even in underserved areas. If a link suddenly drops, our failover feature kicks in, maintaining your connection without any interruptions.

If you are looking to get more bandwidth in an area that lacks connectivity options, contact 1Wire. We can mix and match any available connectivity from any carrier nationwide.

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