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Integrating Zoho PhoneBridge Call logging using 1CXpro with our popular VoIP platform

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1CXpro enables call logging for Zoho PhoneBridge and 1Wire VoIP through its easy integration capabilities

1Wire is excited to announce the introduction of 1CXpro, a powerful integration tool created by 1Wire to enable seamless integration between our popular VoIP platform and the Zoho PhoneBridge system. 1CXpro is specifically designed to give 1Wire customers even more flexibility and control over their communication needs by allowing them to take advantage of the powerful call logging and management features offered by Zoho PhoneBridge.

Unleashing the Power of Seamless Communication: 1CXpro’s Integration of Call logging with Zoho PhoneBridge and 1Wire VoIP

Zoho CRM Call logging with our popular VoIP platform
Zoho CRM Call logging with our popular VoIP platform

With 1CXpro, 1Wire customers will be able to log calls within the Zoho PhoneBridge platform, directly from their browser. The integration also enables customers to click on a phone number in Zoho CRM and dial directly from the platform. Incoming call prompts will display caller ID data pulled from Zoho CRM, making it easy to identify and track calls. And, with the ability to schedule activities and make notes about calls in one place, Zoho PhoneBridge makes it easy for customers to manage their communication needs in a single, streamlined system.

How to integrate Call logging Zoho PhoneBridge with 1Wire VoIP?

1CXpro Zoho Phonebridge integration saves you time and money. Interact with customers and their details without having to spend time hunting for it on another tool. If you are a 1Wire VoIP subscriber, view How to get started instructions.

Zoho CRM Call Logging with 1Wire

Optimizing Communication for Business Growth: 1CXpro’s Integration of 1Wire VoIP and Cloud Phones with Zoho PhoneBridge

1CXpro is the perfect solution for businesses using 1Wire’s VoIP system and cloud phones looking to integrate and optimize their communication processes with Zoho PhoneBridge. With 1CXpro, businesses will have the tools they need to manage and optimize their communication processes, resulting in increased productivity, better customer service and ultimately, growth.

More than just Zoho PhoneBridge Integrations

1Wire unified communications offers your company the ability to manage and control every aspect of your company communications. Chat, Text, Call and Video conference from any device with staff or clients to streamline communications, all in one system. By syncing your Zoho PhoneBridge, you have multiple points of contact and tracking at your convenience.

1Wire UCaaS devices

One-Click Scheduling

Meet instantly or plan ahead and seamlessly works with Calendar iCS, Outlook and Google Calendar.

Active Speaker Detection

Highlights participant when they are speaking for enhanced video conferencing.

Chat & File Sharing

Streamline collaboration with fully integrated persistent messaging, private and group chat, and file sharing.

Real Time Collaboration

Whether its One-click Screen share or sharing an application from a local drive.
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Call Logging for VoIP

Track and log your calls automatically with Zoho CRM.

Click to Call for VoIP

Turn your Zoho CRM contact phone numbers into hyper links. Click numbers and dial, right from your browser.

Screen Pop for VoIP

Track and log your calls automatically with Zoho CRM.