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Zoho One Marketplace Integration

1Wire Integrations – Zoho PhoneBridge integration is coming soon!

1Wire offers cloud phones for businesses looking for robust and affordable phone communications, eliminating the need for traditional phone systems. One of the advantages of having a Cloud Phone with 1Wire, is our commitment to innovate and adapt to the growing demand for CRM integrations. We have been busy adapting Zoho PhoneBridge with our cloud phones and we are almost ready to launch!

1Wire Cloud Phones Zoho One Marketplace Integration

Why use 1Wire cloud phones with Zoho PhoneBridge?

Zoho One packs a punch with dedicated apps that range from CRM, Inventory, Call desk, SalesIQ and more. With so many ways to track and communicate with customers, Zoho integrations require a robust cloud phone solution that can communicate with data across all of Zoho One apps, not just the CRM. 1Wire is working to integrate our Cloud Phone system with Zoho PhoneBridge. This integration is going to be specific to Zoho, utilizing the Zoho One API to ensure maximum compatibility.

Zoho One Marketplace Integration

What to expect from 1Wire Cloud Phones with Zoho PhoneBridge.

Pick up calls from any Zoho One App.

Pick up and start discussions straight from the app screen, knowing all there is to know about the caller. No more going to the CRM page to find the information you need before picking up the phone.

The PhoneBridge connection automatically shows contextual information about the caller while you’re composing a paper, fetching a report, or responding to a customer’s enquiry, so you know precisely how to take the discussion ahead.

Zoho One Marketplace Integration

Curated data across all departments.

When a call comes in, get a 360* view of your caller with data taken from Zoho One apps. Whether it’s a client who needs help, a prospect who filled out a form, a candidate who applied for a job, or an influencer you met at an event, Zoho PhoneBridge with 1wire lets you know who’s on the other end of the line before you pick up the phone.

curated-data Zoho One Marketplace Integration

Dial up your email contacts right from your inbox.

Have you ever been compelled to call someone after reading their email? Save yourself the trouble of constantly entering in phone numbers. It’s merely a click away to go to your email contacts.

You can even label them as a lead or contact in your CRM, or a candidate in Zoho Recruit, straight from within Zoho Mail, while on the conversation.

Zoho One Marketplace Integration click-to-dial-email

Never miss an opportunity.

It’s typical to get a call when you’re gone from your work or on the phone with someone else. You don’t have to be concerned about missing calls anymore. Voicemail is included.

Zoho One Marketplace Integration no-missed-calls

A voicemail from a customer or applicant is instantly registered as a new ticket. So that agents/recruiters can react later.

Isn’t that cool?

We are working behind the scenes to better serve our Cloud Phone customers. This integration is nearing completion and we look forward to providing our Zoho One users with the best Cloud Phone experience.

Fill out the form and we’ll notify you when this feature becomes available. Don’t miss out!

Call us at 801-890-6400 for more information.

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