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Integrate Zoho PhoneBridge with your 1Wire’s Cloud Phone 

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Zoho PhoneBridge integration made simple

Integrate 40+ Zoho products with 1Wire for personalized and effective customer communications, so your sales and support teams can get more done.

  • Call management. Manage outbound and inbound calls from within Zoho products
  • Call recording. Automatically record calls and link them to Zoho
  • Click-to-Call. Execute calls with one click
  • Real-time notes. Enable reps to take and attach call notes to contacts in real-time
  • Updates. Receive updates on calls received during breaks.
  • Reminders. Set reminders for outbound calls
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Some Zoho PhoneBridge integrations features at a glance

Pick up 1Wire cloud phone calls from any Zoho One App.

Pick up and ace conversations right from your Zoho One App screen knowing everything you need to know about the caller. No more switching to the CRM tab in search of the right information before answering a call.

Whether you’re drafting a document, pulling a report, or replying to a customer’s query, the PhoneBridge integration with 1Wire cloud phones automatically displays contextual information about the caller so that you know exactly how to move the conversation forward.

Curated data across all departments.

Get a 360* perspective of your caller with information pulled from across products the moment a call arrives. Whether it’s a customer looking for support, a prospect who filled out a form, a candidate who applied for a job, or an influencer you met at an event, with Zoho One telephony you know who they are before answering the phone.

Dial up your email contacts right from your inbox.

Have you ever wanted to call someone the moment you read their email? Spare yourself the mundane task of punching in phone numbers every time. Your email contacts are only a click away.

While on the call, you can also mark them as a lead or contact in your CRM, or as a candidate in Zoho Recuit right from within Zoho Mail.

Never miss a call opportunity.

It’s common to receive a call while away from your desk or during another call. Now you can stop worrying about missing calls ever again. Telephony in Zoho One comes equipped with voicemail.

When a customer or candidate leaves a voicemail, it automatically gets logged as a new ticket. So agents/recruiters can respond at a later time.

1Wires Zoho Phonebridge integration saves you time and money. Interact with customers and their details without having to spend time hunting for it on another tool.

Call center managers, don’t miss out!

If you do not have a 1Wire Cloud Phone account, please contact our sales team

How to build Zoho telephony with 1Wire (step-by-step guide)

Step 01

Enable Integration

Ensure 1Wire Cloud Phone is installed. Login to your  account. In settings, Enable Zoho integration and click on settings. (Phonebridge must be enabled in your Zoho CRM account before you can use it)

Step 02

Choose Users

Choose the users to integrate and Send Confirmation.

Step 03


Answer yes

Step 04

Check your email

Click continue when you receive the email

Step 05


Login with Zoho credentials

Step 06


Click Accept

Step 07

Go to contact page

You will be redirected to 1Wire. Return to your Zoho account and go to contact page.

Step 08

Click Call Now

Click the “Call Now” button or phone icon next to the phone number

Step 09

Add notes

Add notes in real-time or hang up

Step 11

Zoho Popup

On incoming calls contact details will be shown in the popup window

Step 12

Follow Up

When the call is completed, note follow up tasks. After the conversation has ended, you can also provide a brief description of the call. The description you give will appear in the Call’s Description field within the Call Information section of the Calls module. Assign the sales representative a follow-up task, an event, or a phone call as soon as possible after the conversation has ended.

Start making and tracking calls from your Zoho One Apps with 1Wire today!

1Wire UCaaS devices

More than just Zoho PhoneBridge Integrations

1Wire unified communications offers your company the ability to manage and control every aspect of your company communications. Chat, Text, Call and Video conference from any device with staff or clients to streamline communications, all in one system. By syncing your Zoho PhoneBridge, you have multiple points of contact and tracking at your convenience.

One-Click Scheduling

Meet instantly or plan ahead and seamlessly works with Calendar iCS, Outlook and Google Calendar.

Active Speaker Detection

Highlights participant when they are speaking for enhanced video conferencing.

Chat & File Sharing

Streamline collaboration with fully integrated persistent messaging, private and group chat, and file sharing.

Real Time Collaboration

Whether its One-click Screen share or sharing an application from a local drive.