Introducing Cloud Phones. A versatile phone that reaches you on any device.

The phone line for modern times

Whether you are a single person or a call center with hundreds of staff, a 1Wire cloud phone is the best investment you can make for your business.
Unlike traditional phone lines, cloud phones don’t require complex configurations or expensive hardware to operate. All you need is internet access and your favorite device to make and receive calls.

Separate your personal phone from your business phone on a single device.

Don’t use your personal phone number as your business line, use a cloud phone number that can ring your phone instead. By providing your customers with a dedicated business number, you can assign it to your cell phone or other devices during business hours. This will let you determine calls from potential prospects vs personal calls that could overlap during the day. Separate your business from your personal life without having to invest in new hardware.

Make a big impact

Cloud phones provide the option of an auto attendant. Have your callers be greeted with a virtual secretary that asks users to select from different departments or extensions. Customize your greetings and schedule them based on your needs. This can make a single person, or small 5-person office look bigger. Of course you can easily scale up to add more phone numbers as your business grows.

Press 1 for sales…

Press 2 for customer service…

Press 3 for directory…

Integrate your cloud phone with your favorite CRM

That’s right, you can make calls within your favorite CRM and track everything. Because Cloud phones are virtual, you can integrate them with cloud apps and be more productive.

Easy control of your cloud phone system

With a single app, you can manage all aspects of your phone system with ease and reliability.

  • Call forward
  • Join Active calls
  • Record Calls
  • Make calls and assign call to alternate devices
  • View current calls in progress
  • Reports on phone usage
  • Manage client contacts and track their communications history
  • And much more.

Manage all communications with clients or staff from a unified console

  • Allow clients to text your company landline and answer texts from your computer, tablet or phone.
  • Keep text communications history and organize them by groups or company.
  • Confirm information with clients via text messaging right from your computer for easy copy paste abilities from your favorite CRM to text.

Chat with staff, Text with customers

Easily communicate with staff members or customers by opening new communication windows. Have multiple conversations open at once, invite multiple participants into one chat or text session to collaborate quickly.

All in one place.

    Hassle Free Video Conferencing with Teams and Clients

    Start face-to-face calls with your teams/clients from anywhere on any device with a Mic and Camera. 1Wire UCaaS service lets you easily start a video conference call and invite users. All invitees simply receive an email with a URL link to join through their browsers. No need for participants to download software or register accounts. Simply click to join in the video conference.


    Features include:

    • Recording
    • Assign User Roles
    • Identity & Access Control
    • Integration with GMAIL & Office 365
    • Single sign on
    • Two Factor Authentication

    Real-time Reporting

    Review daily communications with comprehensive and easy to read, interactive reports.


    Get started with your cloud phone

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