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1Wire offers your business the ultimate IP phone  technology. More features, great quality, lower cost.

1Wire Hosted voice is dedicated to quality assurance, scalability, easy deployment and management.


Route calls between your corporate (or headquarters) and each of your other offices or remote locations. Forward calls to mobile devices, get voicemail recordings to your email and more.


Cloud based phone features, providing a simplified deployment process. Added benefits of QoS, failover and more.

Lower Costs

Enjoy reduced monthly expenditures with 1Wire advanced cloud based phones and hardware.

Get all the features

Hosted Voice – offers the ability to self manage the services through a portal or let 1Wire do it for you

  • Auto Attendant – easy to setup, manage, and change as desired
  • System hours – performs different functions at different times
  • Voicemail to email
  • Cell phone integration
  • Hunt groups / Agent groups – trackable system of stacking calls and answering in order they are received
  • Multi-location call handling and sharing (when applicable)
  • Reporting – What number was dialed? Who called in? When they called and why?
  • Recording – Ideal for call centers. Even if the call center is just for a small customer care group within a larger organization.
  • Click to call – Google Chrome feature we install to enable click to call on any 10 digit number)

SIP Trunking – Connecting to legacy phone system for origination and termination.
Add QoS and Failover for quality and reliability.


Small business, big impression.

Small businesses can look like big businesses with an auto attendant to answer and direct calls to any department, even if its only you or a small group. Your small business can take advantage of features such as texting or live chat with customers and members of your team.

Medium business with full control

Medium business can manage multiple phones, departments and clients easily with reliable phone service and added powerful features common to Enterprise solutions. Manage your team from a central cloud-based system and deploy features to users as needed.

Enterprise solutions with huge reach

With a central cloud-based system, your large business needs are covered. Manage hundreds of phone users in any location, be it a branch or remote/home worker. Allow user the freedom to Text, chat, phone and video conference clients and other employees on any device. Reduce costs by limiting technical dept while allowing your enterprise to be agile and robust.

Download a PDF outline of 1Wire Business Voice services.

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Hosted PBX

1Wire hosted PBX phone system can reduce your monthly phone bill significantly compared to a traditional business phone system. Get ready for more features and savings.

SIP Trunks

SIP trunking eliminates phone lines or PRI T1’s. Connect your existing phone system to the traditional telephone network for sending and receiving calls at dramatically reduced costs.

Quality of Service (QoS)

With 1Wire, businesses are no longer required to pay heavy premiums for QoS – our system will manage the flow of traffic between sites so that your calls and video conferences remain crisp and clean.

We can provide you with cutting edge networking and hardware featuring the latest equipment and hardware by YEALINK, SNOM, POLYCOM and MICROTIK

The right solution for your business

We are focused on helping businesses communicate across phone, Internet, and cloud services. Your new and improved business solutions are waiting for you.

Small Business

Managed Voice | Business Internet | SD-WAN
Less than 15 employees with no dedicated IT department. A need for realtime support, simple to use technology, and cost effective solutions to keep the business running smoothly.

Medium Business

IP Phones | SD-WAN | MPLS (IP VPN)
Big reliance on SaaS (Software as a Service) and cloud technology for voice and data. Significant demand for high-speed symmetrical data solutions.

Enterprise Business

IP Phones | SD-WAN | Fiber | IP VPN
Multiple branch offices, remote users, and a large network. All staff, regardless of location need high-speed and secure connections. Network management tools are a must.

Software Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN)

Your next generation solution has arrived
Wide Are Networks (WAN) has grown and matured over time with so much complexity and custom features. Management and deployment of WAN’s can be complicated and expensive.  1Wire has addressed this by simplifying WAN’s and deploying the next generation of WAN called SD-WAN. All the bells and whistles of complex WAN setups can now be deployed remotely across your network in one management server.
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